A blissful mental boost.





BrainX has been scientifically formulated to upgrade your beverage of choice to a completely new level.

Utilising ancient Brazilian herbs, with a strong reputation for increasing energy and brain function, BrainX delivers increased stamina and the motivational lift you’ve been searching for. Through a blend of modern science and ancient wisdom, BrainX packs a smooth kick…Giving you prolonged mental clarity on demand.

A single sachet adds a sweet kick of euphoria to your coffee, extending its energising effects and reducing the dreadful ‘crash’. You’ll never be able to drink regular coffee again!


Enhances Mental Energy

Through increasing neurotransmitter release and neuron activity, BrainX enhances feelings of mental clarity, focus and drive.*

Mood Enhancing

Through a scientific blend of adaptogenic herbs and mood modulating compounds, BrainX delivers a euphoric and uplifting mental shift.*

Highly Neuroprotective

BrainX protects the brain against various chemical and physical stressors, with compounding benefits over time.*

Sexually Stimulating

BrainX contains ancient aphrodisiacs, which ignite sexual health for both men and women.*


Catuaba Bark Extract (Trichila catigua)

Catuaba is an aromatic bark native to Brazil. It assists with age-related cognitive decline, depression, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction. Catuaba strengthens and nourishes the dopamine system, promoting a clean, euphoric buzz.*

Muira Puama Extract (Ptychopetalum olacoides)

Muira puama is considered by many Amazonian tribes to be adaptogenic (helps the body deal with stress). It is traditionally a herb used to fight "nervous weakness', which encompassed symptoms such as lassitude, general lack of interest/motivation and sexual exhaustion.*

Uridine Monophosphate

Uridine monophosphate is found in all living organisms ranging from humans to bacteria. It plays a pivotal role in many different neuroregulatory processes, and especially for Dopamine function. It is used to support short and long term memory, learning, attention and executive function.*


D-ribose is a naturally occurring sugar in the body, that is involved in producing energy (ATP) and also forms the structural basis of DNA and RNA. However, it does not raise blood glucose levels like other sweeteners. The body preserves D-ribose for vital work - to power the heart, muscles, brain, and every other tissue in the body.*

BrainX uses ingredients that are Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS), according to the FDAs classification framework.


Kahili Blundell - UFC Ring Girl.

“I've been into natural health for years and was excited when Lucas wanted to send me a sample. It gave me an energizing buzz, and made me feel super motivated to smash my workout. I can see many people falling in love with this product.”

Coach Jake Carter - Global Educator.

“I've been observing the work published by Lucas for some time now. When he mentioned he wanted me to sample BrainX, I was very excited. It initially gave me a very refreshing buzz, that extended the energising effects of my morning coffee. It gave me a clean, sustained energy that also made music sound better than usual."

the brainX story

Lucas Aoun, BrainX Founder

BrainX is formulated by Lucas Aoun - the CEO & Founder of Ergogenic Health. Lucas combines a Naturopathic philosophy, with cutting edge scientific research. He has over 7+ years of hands on experience with Nootropics, and understands the key aspects of peak human performance. Lucas has a background in Exercise Science and has an obsession with researching human physiology in his spare time. Lucas has gained respect from one of Australia’s leading entrepreneur’s - Steve Glaveski (Collective Venture Capital) securing elite guidance and the skillset required to position BrainX in the marketplace.

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